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Easy Pool Plans Designer has been in the pool industry for over 30 years and is especially interested in good design. He has designed pool areas that have won over 70 awards for his clients. The Easy Pool Plans website was created because many people can't afford to have an expert visit their yard and give advice so Neville decided to create generic plans that can be downloaded in pdf form and be scaled up or down using your printer settings to suit your property size. Pool Builders love this concept as it gives them professionally drawn plans for under $5 so clients can try several plans in their yard to see which one suites.

Professional Lines News : Don’t Do It If You Don’t Love It…You Just Won’t Be That Great At It

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Well written article… I hope employers of sales people read it, so many good sales people leave well paying jobs because the owners of the company just don’t get what turns sales people on or off. 
I was thinking while I read it… If you have a sales team, maybe you could think about kitting out each member with an individualised kit rather than have the same stuff for everyone, sure its more expensive, but isn’t that what you did when you were running the business by yourself? You kitted yourself out with what was comfortable for you, and you sold stuff:), that is how you grew bigger and have a sales team, they need the same treatment, and they need their talents recognised, or you will lose them forever.

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Building a luxury home pool – construction insights

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Building a pool with construction joints When constructing a large swimming pool, if a solid foundation is not existing, like rock for instance, we need to break the structure into pieces so that it can withstand movement.Commonly we will integrate…

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Good Information

Now days many engineers put extra steel in the shell but for extra long pools this is a safe option if you know what you are doing.

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Color Makes a Garden Dining Room Sing in Santa Fe

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Vibrant stucco walls, living art and chic furniture harmonize in an outdoor dining room in New Mexico

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This former usless courtyard has been transformed with all the trimmings including a fireplace, vertical garden and unique boulder fountain and is a great example of how to create a valuable home from what looks initially like a bad dream.

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This valuable FREE report gives you the ‘inside story’ on how to save money, and get the BEST pool possible

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I have finally finished my eBook to help pool buyers to make wise decisions and not only save thousands… but get the best looking pool in their backyard.

You can download it here for FREE:


Please let me know what you think.

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Cleaning pools after floods and fires | Splash

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This pool was installed by Paradise Pools & Solar based on council flood maps. However, builder Rowan Stanfield decided to be on the safe side by raising the pool an extra 20mm. Lucky he did, as the flood waters lapped at the very edge of the deck. This image first appeared on SPASA Queensland’s Facebook page

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