Getting warmer – pool heating options for year-round warmth :: Pool + Spa Review

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There are some instances, in both domestic and commercial circumstances, when solar pool heating is unsuitable. While gas and electric heating are options, it seems that heat pumps are the popular choice in warmer regions. Pool+Spa looks at three recently completed projects and how pool heating was integrated to provide suitable swimming temperatures, all year round.

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Hideg House by Béres Architects

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Focusing on sculptural cliffs and hillside woods, Hideg-ház is an unusual object in the landscape of the outskirts of Koszeg, a historical town in Hungary.

The building is located in a country with very diverse climate. Hot summers and cold winters desire a smart mix of architectural decisions to keep the cabin comfortable and easy to run in all four seasons. The clients had a clear concept about what they wanted to achieve in terms of building services and comfort. A combination of high-tec and simple ecological solutions resulted in extremely low energy consumption and moderate building cost…‘s insight:

A Backyard does not need to be all green, look at how carefully placed rocks can create a stunning backdrop and provide contrast on a different scale for this unique home that takes advantage of all this with carefully place windows, even using the direction the timber is laid to highlight the view.

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New Website – Easy Pizza Ovens

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Imagine having your own wood fired pizza oven that cooks pizzas in 2 minutes flat!

In easy to build kit form… from a refractory manufacturer that builds commercial ovens for baking bricks and tiles.


This website shows in detail how easy it is.‘s insight:

Great News! … Quality wood fired oven at factory price. (In kit form)

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Professional Lines News : Don’t Do It If You Don’t Love It…You Just Won’t Be That Great At It

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Well written article… I hope employers of sales people read it, so many good sales people leave well paying jobs because the owners of the company just don’t get what turns sales people on or off. 
I was thinking while I read it… If you have a sales team, maybe you could think about kitting out each member with an individualised kit rather than have the same stuff for everyone, sure its more expensive, but isn’t that what you did when you were running the business by yourself? You kitted yourself out with what was comfortable for you, and you sold stuff:), that is how you grew bigger and have a sales team, they need the same treatment, and they need their talents recognised, or you will lose them forever.

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Building a luxury home pool – construction insights

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Building a pool with construction joints When constructing a large swimming pool, if a solid foundation is not existing, like rock for instance, we need to break the structure into pieces so that it can withstand movement.Commonly we will integrate…‘s insight:

Good Information

Now days many engineers put extra steel in the shell but for extra long pools this is a safe option if you know what you are doing.

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