A Swimming Pool Or A Rolls Royce … How To Tell The Difference?

No matter how good a reputation the builder you choose has, he still has to build the pool in front of you.

If you were fortunate enough to be able to afford a brand new Rolls Royce, they would have the luxury of building it in a factory away from your peering eyes. When the apprentice puts the mirror on back to front, you wouldn’t see it happen! But after many months of waiting, you would receive a shinning, pristine, brand new Rolls Royce, most likely, with a lovely hamper, or some wine in the back. You will have a good fuzzy feeling about your purchase, and the Rolls Royce name would retain its impeccable reputation.

Unfortunately your pool builder has no such luxury, he has to do everything in front of you, not only that, he is probably going to create more of a mess in your backyard than you initially thought he would. And at the very least, at some point you will get frustrated.

Whoever you choose to build your pool will be in your backyard most days for some months. Make sure you like and trust the people you are dealing with.

It’s important to allow him to make mistakes and fix them along the way without complaining too much. The key thing to remember is this… Be patient with your builder until you see his final product. Unless of course, you notice a very major mistake or misunderstanding that needs to be fixed quickly, in which case, you may need to say something, and say it as soon as possible, before it is too late to fix.

If you have chosen your builder wisely… Just like the Rolls Royce, the final product will most likely be even better than you expected!

Do you agree?

What unexpected pool building surprises have you encountered that have had a happy ending?

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